The Chemistry of Leather-based Care

Leather-based will be regarded as a non-woven mass of fibrous collagen protein that’s derived from the pores and skin of animals and that has been rendered biorefractive. An animal pores and skin is made biorefractive and thereby transformed into leather-based by the tanning course of. The tanning course of completely incorporates what quantities to biocide into the collagen protein. Different fascinating traits are imparted to the leather-based by way of fatliquoring, coloring, dressing, waterproofing, shaping, and dealing PU leather supplier.

Fatliquoring is the method of incorporating fat, greases, and oils into the physique of the leather-based. The presence of fat, greases, and oils in leather-based lubricates the fibers and tends to waterproof the leather-based. With out sufficient inner lubrication, the fibers will abrade and break as a consequence of friction, and the leather-based might crack.

Leather-based is given a coloration by way of dying or pigmenting. Relying upon the means employed, the coloration will be integrated by way of the whole thickness of the leather-based, or it may be concentrated at and close to the floor.

Dressing is a floor end that’s given to the fabric. The floor end is a steady natural matrix distinct from the protein fibers. That natural matrix can vary from a latex paint to a wax. Dressing all the time refers to that which is the outmost layer of natural matter of the leather-based. Thus it’s doable for a dressing to be “dressed,” since it’s doable to use a wax polish to a floor of painted leather-based. Previous to wax sprucing, the natural matrix that’s the paint outer layer of the leather-based was the “dressing.”

Working the leather-based refers back to the repeated flexing of the leather-based as a way to scale back stiffness. That is a wholly mechanical course of.


All chemical remedies of leather-based fall into a number of of those classes: substitute fatliquors, floor dressings, waterproofers, and cleaners.


Cleaners are chemical compounds or chemical preparations that goal to take away overseas matter from the leather-based. The trick with cleaners is that they’ve to have the ability to take away the overseas matter with out themselves completely altering the looks of the leather-based being cleaned. Invariably, the matter that needs to be faraway from the leather-based is a strong or semi-solid, and the cleansing chemical is sort of invariably a liquid. Cleansing is achieved both by dissolving the strong matter or by lifting the matter from contact with the leather-based by way of a technique of preferential wetting. Preferential wetting implies that the leather-based prefers to keep up a correspondence with the cleansing liquid greater than with the strong contaminant.

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